Noel Leeming continues tech push with exclusive 3D deal

05 Nov 14

Noel Leeming is going 3D with the addition of the Cube 3 Dual Colour 3D printer to its in-store offerings, as the company continues its push to be at the forefront of new technology offerings.

The Cube is exclusive to Noel Leeming and the company will be running demonstrations at selected stores to show customers how the printer works.

The retailer has also added the GoPro Hero4 cameras to its line-up and dubs the new offerings 'products of the future'.

Jason Bell, Noel Leeming executive general manager merchandise, says the new products further cement the company’s place ‘as the market leader' in offering the latest in consumer technology products.

Earlier this year, Tim Edwards, Noel Leeming Group chief executive officer said he wanted Noel Leeming to bring to market products well in advance of what New Zealand has normally seen.

Bell says the Cube3 is a user-friendly printer, ‘that can become part of everyday family life’.

The offering allows multi-colour and multi-material printing for a single item, non-clog printing and 70 micron layer printing at two times faster than the previous model.

“Designers, engineers and manufacturers were once the only people able to create prototypes and innovative products, but now the Cube3 3D printer allows everyone to manufacture one-of-a-kind masterpieces and recreate broken or existing products,” the retailer says.

“The Cubify app even allows printing directly from mobile devices.”

Meanwhile the new GoPro Hero4 camera includes improved image quality, night photo and night lapse modes and an integrated touch display on the GoPro Hero4 Black.

Noel Leeming says most of its stores throughout New Zealand will have the cameras on display, enabling customers to try the GoPro Hero4 in-store.

As part of its push to bring new technologies to New Zealand, the retailer introduced Google Glass units to some stores earlier this year - albeit only for customers to try, not buy.

At the time, Bell noted that the company wanted to have showpieces to highlight the latest technologies from around the world, even if they weren't yet for sale.

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