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NZ-based Elementra updates Endpoint Protection with v1.1

12 Aug 13

Elementra has released version 1.1 of Endpoint Protection, providing a raft of new features and enhancements in the process.

Allowing IT providers to manage their ESET Endpoint Security from within Kaseya, the new releases includes vast improvements to the installation procedures, as well as a richer feature set and more comprehensive information.

“The size and complexity of the development of version 1.1 required a significantly deeper integration with both Kaseya and ESET security product," says Duanne O'Brien, VP Engineering, Elementra.

"The assistance provided by both of these business partners meant we could focus on the core functionality while tapping into expertise where and when needed, resulting in a more reliable and integrated product for our customers."

O'Brien claims the response from the market has been extremely positive with many customers pleased to finally have integration between two software products – ESET and Kaseya.

For this new release Elementra, who are New Zealand-based, worked with their initial customers and beta testers to find out what functionality they would like to see and what areas needed improvement. “Sales have been going really well so far," says Marek Drummond, VP Business Development, Elementra.

"With the Endpoint Protection module Managed Service Providers now have a single pane of glass to manage their ESET endpoints, saving time and providing a more effective service.

“With dashboards, recognisable icons, colour-coded text, and configurable alerts it’s much easier to see where problems lie, providing a more proactive approach.

"It’s a good result for MSPs and their customers”.

Major features of the new release include easier installation, more comprehensive client and server information, the introduction of tasks, logs and alerts, and more configurable system settings.

“By creating a unique architecture and common APIs, Elementra now opens ESET integration into Kaseya”, says Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, ESET.

“IT providers will benefit from secure client and server management via a centralized tool, allowing them to view the ESET deployments across their client networks using the ESET Remote Administrator console, view endpoint protection status and perform scans or updates.

"We are delighted to contribute to effective visibility and control over ESET award-winning endpoints, assisting Kaseya users to manage their IT security effectively."