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NZ's Fronde wins Google ANZ award

07 Mar 13

New Zealand's Fronde has beaten out the Aussie competition to be named Google's 2012 ANZ Enterprise Partner of the Year.

The Kiwi services company picked up the award at the inaugural Google Enterprise Partner Summit in California.

Google head of global partner programmes, Mark Hodgson, says Fronde has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to Google customers throughout 2012.

Meanwhile Fronde says the award emphasises its 'proven track record of enabling product adoption for customers on Google Apps, Search and Geo, and acknowledges the cosistent development and growth of Fronde's capability, which includes many certified specialists'.

Fronde CEO, Ian Clarke, dubs the award 'a major achievement'.

The company was this year placed as number three in the TIN100 Top 10 Companies to Watch list and reported a 54% improvement in earnings for the 2011 to 2012 year, with revenue of +$40 million.