Obama says "No We Can't" to Apple ban

05 Aug 13

Barack Obama has adopted a "No We Can't" policy to Samsung plans to stop iPhone 4 and iPad 2 sales, siding with Apple by lifting the ban.

Causing a setback to the South Korean company, the US President's administration overruled a decision made in June by the US International Trade Commission.

Originally ruling in favour of Samsung, the ITC banned imports of Apple's iPhone 4 and some iPad 2 variations, claiming the Cupertino firm violated a patent held by its industry rival.

Yet with the US government having 60 days to reverse the decision, Obama's ruling comes as no great surprise to most.

A long time critic of import bans, the President is seeking ways to persuade Congress to limit the ITC's power when it comes to imposing such trading restrictions.

Overruled by US Trade Representative Michael Froman, Apple praised the decision, commending the government for "standing up for innovation."

Unsurprisingly however, Samsung showed disappointment at the result, stating: “The ITC's decision correctly recognised that Samsung has been negotiating in good faith and that Apple remains unwilling to take a license."

The verdict comes less than a week after fellow tech giants Intel, Microsoft and Oracle backed Apple publicly, calling on Obama to prevent the ban, which was due to take place August 4.

Was Obama right to overrule the ban? Tell us your thoughts below

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