Office 365 hits one million users in 100 days

31 May 13

Microsoft has revealed Office 365 to be the 'best-selling Office edition' yet, topping one million users in 100 days.

The software company says the figures equate to one sold every second on average since it launched in February this year.

"Thanks to you, the new Office is officially the best-selling Office edition yet, with more than one sold every second on average since it launched," said John Case, corporate vice president of marketing, Microsoft Office Division.

However, Case instead the numbers are only part of the story.

"At its core, Office exists to help people get things done, and people tell us they are choosing the service because it delivers full Office, it keeps them always up-to-date and it's a fantastic value," he says.

"At the end of the day, that is what technology should do for us--give us time for the things that matter most."

The announcement backs up previous claims by Microsoft that the product is flying off the shelves, with 25% of enterprises currently using the software.

Questioned by research firm Gartner, Microsoft have left the figures speak for themselves, after pushing Office subscriptions since the launch over three months ago.

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