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01 Mar 07

If you’re looking to set up your own business but aren’t sure how to go about it then now could be a good time to talk to Concerto Networks.
The company is currently developing a national franchise network of ICT managers.
Justin Worsley, Concerto’s New Zealand master franchise owner, says sourcing reliable and timely ICT is a constant headache for many businesses.
“At the moment the industry is dominated by small independent IT companies and there’s a definite gap in the market for a nationally branded B2B technology company that operates the franchise model,” he says.
Worsley says two types of people make particularly successful Concerto Networks franchisees.
Those who come from a business to business sales background (often in hardware, software or telecommunications), and those with an IT engineering background who have been in support or project management roles.
“Concerto gives them the opportunity to invest in a turnkey operation with its own identity.
Franchisees pay $17,999 per territory,” says Worsley. “Not everyone, of course, is cut out to be a Concerto Networks franchisee. Only those who have a passion for technology, present and communicate exceedingly well, are honest and reliable and who share Concerto Network’s values and ethics will succeed. For those who work hard and follow the franchise system a six figure income is achievable.”
The Concerto Networks business model provides multiple revenue streams for its franchise partners, however the revenue stream with the greatest potential is managed services. The trend internationally is for businesses to migrate their support to a managed platform.
Worsley says Concerto Networks has partnered with a leading platform provider to create Simple Office Support (SOS).
This programme is being rolled out worldwide by the franchise network.
SOS is a proactive web-based programme that automates the myriad of routine tasks required to maintain a healthy network, including tasks such as patch management, defrags and antivirus.
“The three great things about SOS is that it’s proactive, managed remotely and you aren’t trading hours for dollars. That enables franchisees to build a business based around recurring monthly revenue streams.”
“I look at franchising as a business partnership. Our job, as the franchiser, is to build successful businesses by leveraging the franchise system. A good robust system provides support across all facets of the business; sales, marketing, accounting, HR and recruitment.” Worsley says he’s spent more than a decade working in this field and has intimate knowledge of what constitutes a successful franchise.

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