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Partners sought for unique monitoring offering

27 Jan 12

A Tauranga-based company has developed a unique solution that it says is leading the way in IT monitoring and system management, and has the potential to become a cash cow for well-connected resellers. 

Rick Mulford, managing director of Delta Technology Solutions, says his solution is designed to minimise the impact of monitoring on IT departments, cutting the time spent dealing with problems and allowing staff to work on projects that will move their businesses forward.

"Instead of watching their business they’re out there doing their business,” Mulford says.

"We can give resellers that want to offer monitoring and remedial frameworks as a service rather than just another product set an extremely competitive advantage the market has not seen before.”

The solution is based on an intelligent framework called Monitoring Operations To Help Enterprises Remotely, or MOTHER.

Following a 90-day logarithmic footprint analysis, MOTHER is able to analyse alerts that come through from sources all over the IT system, and determine the appropriate course of action.

"Imagine Bob comes in Monday morning and he’s continually getting his password wrong and locking himself out of his account. MOTHER will know that he does that every Monday morning because he’s got Monday-itis.

"There’s a whole heap of difference and level of threat when the same Bob is trying to log in from Botswana, because he’s actually a malicious piece of software. MOTHER has the ability to identify the difference and process that information extremely fast.”

The subscription-based system offers a host of other benefits, but the real advantage for resellers is that the Delta team are able to handle any support requirements, meaning once the sale is made, the reseller’s staff input is virtually nil.

"When you really get down to it we’re all capturing and processing information fromt he same sources, it’s just that most products and solutions expect the end user to know what they’re doing and have an army of engineers available to get any real value out.

"If you’re a channel partner and you want to provide the next level of service, we can give you a huge economy of scale and a sub base that does nothing but make you money.”

Although Delta is currently still making direct sales, the intention is to move to a channel-based model.

"When you look at the Channel, there are people out there who are frustrated with what’s in the market at the moment, people who are saying, ‘hey, this is jolly complicated’, and they’re looking for solutions that add extreme value and not just another product set.

"For the people who are the ‘doers’ and don’t want to sit and watch screens, we’ve got the perfect partner solution, because we can sit and watch screens better and more efficiently than anyone else.”

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