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Protect your client’s online identity

01 Aug 06

Are your client’s domains safe from identity theft ?

In the global economy of today’s marketplace businesses around the world are securing multiple extensions of their domain names.  From .ch in Switzerland to in Pakistan, domain names are being snatched up like hot cakes.  With millions of new sites being added to the world wide web each month the pool of names to choose from is proportionately decreasing.  As a result this is a fantastic time to market to your client base the need to secure their unique identity before someone else does.
Did you know that New Zealand alone averages 5,500 new domain name registrations each month?  In a country of only four million that’s a fair few.  The dawning of domain names as a branch of personal and business selves has arrived.  So even if clients aren’t thinking of putting up a web site today it’s worth registering a domain name to secure it for future use as a web site and current use for a professional e-mail address.
So the opportunity is definitely there, but is it as easy as simply registering a domain name for your client with an authorised registrar?  Yes - but there a few things to set in place first.  The Domain Name Commission (DNC), which oversees New Zealand’s domain names, has a set of policies and procedures that all parties (registrar-i.e. WebFarm, reseller-you, and registrant-your customer) are required to comply with.  As a WebFarm reseller you are provided with forms that you can customise to pass on to your clients and make the process simple and seamless.
The WebFarm Solutions Manager (WFSM) is easy to set up and allows you to see if a domain name is available, lets you assign it to one of your customers, registers it using real-time registries, and charges it to your monthly account.  Resellers are able to manage all their domain names in one place, renew domains automatically and add e-mail or web hosting at the push of a button.  The ultimate benefit is that resellers are able to maintain that all-important personal relationship with their customers instead of sending them elsewhere for services.
It’s an exciting time to be involved in the IT industry.  As consumer knowledge increases, there is an insatiable desire to know and be known on the web.  As a professional you have the unique opportunity to assist your clients and their businesses in establishing their online identity, beginning with securing all relevant names and extensions associated with their business.  Read up on the DNC, check out WebFarm’s reseller program for discounted pricing and ensure that you and your client’s identities are protected online.

•   Clients must be aware of, and accept, the terms & conditions agreement of the .nz  registrar you use to register their name.
•   The client always remains the registrant of the domain name; therefore it’s their name  and details which must legally appear in the Registrant Contact Name field.
•   The registrant should be a properly constituted organisation or a person over 18 years.
•   The client’s UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication ID) should be passed on to them upon receipt.
•   You must give at least 14 days notice before cancelling a domain name.

To find out more about your responsibilities visit

•   If a .nz domain name expires there is a 90 day ‘pending release’ period before anyone else can register that name.
•   If a .com has expired over 30 days the domain name goes into a redemption status which costs US $75 to get out of in addition to the renewal fee.
•   Australian domains are licensed for a minimum of 2 years.
•   WebFarm currently offers global, Australian & New Zealand extensions with the remainder of the above obtainable by September 2006.