Rebirth for Maclean Computing

01 Aug 12

Maclean Computing will be reborn as Maclean Technology, with the assets of the family-owned IT company being re-purchased by former chief executive Chris Maclean.

Maclean announced that he had entered into an agreement to buy the assets of the company, in conjunction with business partner Matthew Bellingham, less than a week after Maclean Computing was placed into liquidation. The new company will operate under the company name of Maclean Technology, which was incorporated in November 2011.

Maclean Computing went into liquidation on July 13, after almost 20 years of operation. The first report from liquidators Waterstone Insolvency indicates assets of $1.13 million and total liabilities of $3.05 million, for a deficit of $1.92 million.

Companies including Gen-i, HP, IBM, Simms International, Synnex New Zealand, Mako Networks and PB Technologies are included in the list of 89 creditors included in the first report.

Maclean, who joined the business in 2007 and took over the chief executive role from his father Allan in 2009, says the failure was the result of a large debt incurred as a result of a theft by the company’s former financial controller ‘on top of the losses as [the company] adjusted to the new post-recession environment’.

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