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Samsung S5 sales in a galaxy far, far, away…

14 Apr 14

Sales of the Galaxy S5 have smashed those of the Galaxy S4, as Samsung enjoyed healthy first weekend sales of its flagship device.

Released to the world on April 11, the tech giant’s latest smartphone has set a new record for launch day sales, beating the achievement of its predecessor by over 30%.

In some countries sales of the Galaxy S5 doubled the amount of Galaxy S4 sales on launch day, with Samsung claiming to have received orders for millions of Galaxy S5 units, with the company insisting “the market is not yet saturated.”

“We’ve had a lot of customers pre-order the Galaxy S5 and they’ll be the first to get the new device today,” said Chris Quin, Retail CEO Telecom, last week, offering an early indication to the sheer scale of demand.

A year ago the Galaxy S4 shifted 10 million units in less than a month, while the Samsung Galaxy S III reached the same milestone after 50 days, the Galaxy S II after five months and the original Samsung Galaxy S after seven months.

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