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Selling telecommunications solutions to your IT customers

12 Oct 11

Telcoinabox is the largest wholesale MVNO aggregator in New Zealand, the solution that enables you to Bolton "telco services to an existing business”. Launched in New Zealand in 2010, the business has taken on a number of service providers that are focussed on mobile solutions as well as other telco products.

Want New Revenue?

Companies and individuals are always keen to use their existing relationships and networking skills to build new revenue streams that are recurring. We asked Shannon Fisher, Telcoinabox CEO for New Zealand, how that can work.

Why Mobile?

Many resellers and systems integrators may have felt the pinch in recent years, yet the telecommunications industry has continued to grow. With the rapid growth of smartphones, tablets and data usage this is a great opportunity for companies to increase revenue by offering customers a one-stop solution. Customers use telecoms services every day, this offers strong recurring income and complements existing products and services offered by a reseller.

Do I need to be a telco expert?

You don’t need to be a telco expert; by partnering with Telcoinabox you gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge and experience along with the back-end support for you and your customers.

Your customers will have a personal relationship with you but the technical support is handled by the Telcoinabox team, which has decades of experience. If you need help on sales, operations, billing, products or anything else, you can go straight to them – we don’t outsource to a call centre in India or the Philippines. You don’t need to recruit extra staff and support doesn’t cost extra – it’s all included. Over the last nine years, we have enabled over 130 telco companies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. I don’t want to be a telco agent Telcoinabox offers a full suite of whitelabelled products including customer support and billing, all under your brand right down to the home screen on your mobile device. As a Telcoinabox partner you benefit from a proven model that allows you to outsource the hard part of telco and focus on the areas that provide real value: sales, solutions, marketing and relationships. What customers really want is a telco provider that understands their needs and treats them as more than a number.

What about training?

Whether you involve your whole organisation or just part of it depends on you. You will be responsible for sales, customer management and customer administration, but Telcoinabox provides an extensive training induction. There is an online, searchable knowledge base that contains all your staff will need to know on an ongoing basis. There is also a monthly interactive webinar session to help everyone refresh their knowledge and learn about new products and services.

Can I only sell mobile?

No, in addition to mobile voice and mobile data, Telcoinabox offers a full suite of products including landlines, calling, dial-up, data, VoIP, toll free numbers, and a world-class billing platform. We only buy from Tier 1 carriers to deliver reliable carrier grade solutions.

If you have a business that can benefit from adding a new revenue line, call Guy Alexander on 0800 783 526 and find out more.