Simms NZ: "We've got to win the respect of the channel"

22 Mar 10

Managing Director Paul Johnston (pictured) has told The Channel that there's been little negativity from Simms and Dell's move into the local market.

The Channel recently caught up with Simms New Zealand Managing Director Paul Johnston about the firm’s move into New Zealand. Simms Australia is the major shareholder in the New Zealand business but Johnston also has a 25 percent share of the operation.

“We’ve got the do the very best job we can for the vendors we’ve got on board,” said Johnston. “I’m aware of the fact that we’re a new entrant in the market in New Zealand and we’ve got to win the respect of the channel.”

Speaking of the reception Simms NZ and Dell have received going into the channel, Johnston continued, “So far it’s going really well, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the welcome we’ve had going into the channel and talking to people.

“Dell’s obviously been a major competitor for a long time for a lot of these guys and still is in a lot of respects because they have a direct presence on the web.”

Johnston said that while both companies expected resistance there has so far been little negativity. “I thought in the initial stages we’d get a lot more push back, but it’s been incredible that the negativity we’ve had has come from, I would say, single figures from the dealers that we’ve spoken to. Even out of those, once we’ve gone through it, I think there’s only three that have said ‘no thanks’.”

Lookout for the full interview with Johnston soon.


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