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SnapGear now with TrustedSource

01 Sep 07

On 25 July, Secure Computing launched the newly enhanced SnapGear gateway security solution appliance, marking the third Secure Computing product integration with TrustedSource.  TrustedSource, the world’s most precise and comprehensive internet host reputation system, provides real-time, behaviour-based reputation scores for IPs, domains, URLs and email messages. 
SnapGear with TrustedSource allows organisations to drop connections from malicious sources at the gateway to help prevent security threats such as spam and phishing, reclaim bandwidth and reduce downstream server processing.  It is an award winning, all-in-one internet security appliance for SMBs and remote offices.
“This is the first time an SMB product has been able to provide industrial strength, enterprise-strong capability,” said Eric Krieger, country manager ANZ for Secure Computing.  “We’ve launched first in New Zealand because of New Zealand’s reputation for being an early adopter of IT technology.”
The new, enhanced SnapGear with TrustedSource provides an enterprise strong security product at an SMB price point, and is available now through Secure Computing channel partners, and in New Zealand through SnapperNet ( 
SnapGear is the only networking device needed for office PCs to be networked with one another, connect securely to the internet, connect to the corporate LAN, and service all remote access VPN needs.  SnapGear handles it all easily and inexpensively by converging all networking, firewall, intrusion prevention, and remote access requirements into one high-speed, highly reliable appliance.
TrustedSource elevates the already highly reputable SnapGear appliance to a truly industry-leading level.  “Before anything gets to the firewall at the gateway, it is whizzed up to TrustedSource, and the IP address is analysed,” said Krieger.  “We have over 110 billion IP addresses stored already.  The IP address is analysed and given a score between 1 – 180 that determines its viability.”
SnapGear is more than just a firewall.  It is a multi-function network security appliance that includes built-in SSL/VPN capability, anti-virus, anti-spam and URL filtering.  No subscription is required to utilise TrustedSource with the SnapGear appliance,  customers pay a one-time activation fee only. 
The new SnapGear with TrustedSource provides a value proposition for customers by providing the highest possible level of security, reducing bandwidth and providing excellent return on investment.  It is easy to install and is fully supported 24/7. 
Resellers can offer a product that is fully secure, supported, affordable, and high margin.  While it may look like a commodities product, it is not available at major retailers.  Secure Computing is dedicated to distributing and selling through the channel.  The benefits are obvious.