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SonicWall jumps Renaissance ship, more to follow

08 Oct 10

The Channel reported in June that distributor Renaissance was to lose four key brands. In the three months following that the company has lost exclusive distribution of Allot, Ruckus, Apple and now SonicWall.

While both SonicWall and Connector Systems have still to officially announce the news, The Channel understands from channel partners that SonicWall products are now in stock at Connector.

The move is a blow for Renaissance as the SonicWall brand has been one of the company's largest gross profit generators. This is an about turn for the vendor also, as SonicWall advised Renaissance it wouldn’t be appointing another New Zealand distributor recently.

The system integrator wespoke with made it clear Renaissance is unlikely to keep much of the SonicWall business in New Zealand, as the guys from Connector Systems "know this business like the back of their hands, they were the reason why SonicWall succeeded while at Renaissance."

Ex-Renaissance SonicWall Product Manager Shane Boswell recently joined the growing ranks of Connector Systems.

The Channel is also aware of another key brand within the Renaissance portfolio, that is looking to appoint another distributor, details to follow shortly.

Update: Connector Systems' Mark Dasent declined to comment on the story when contacted.