Splunk looking for New Zealand partners

05 May 10

Daniel Miller, Splunk Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, has told The Channel that he's committed to the New Zealand market.

Splunk is described as software that enables you to search, report, monitor and analyse streaming and historical data from any source in your IT infrastructure. The company has over 1,750 licensed customers in 67 countries, including enterprises, service providers and government agencies.

Cisco, F5 Networks, Blue Coat, Systex, and VMware are named as current partners with Splunk.

“We’re absolutely committed to spending time in this market,” Miller told us. “We’ve been here twice in two weeks. While we don’t have any immediate plans to have a resource in the country we do have intentions to be in this market frequently and as and when demand requires.

Miller said that currently the New Zealand market is being serviced by him and a technical lead, both based in Melbourne. “Prior to my starting, both Australia and New Zealand were both handled by our distribution partner in Australia, which is Digital Networks Australia. They do a lot of the lead generation and lead management, channel enablement and help closing deals,” he said.

“Our intention for New Zealand in the short term would be very much to try and identify and work closely with a small number of channel partners for this market. We’re currently looking for those partners.”

Miller said he is currently in talks with one of New Zealand’s larger integrators as well as other companies. “We’re in early discussions but my suspicion is that with the partners we’re talking to, it would be a very long process to become a formal vendor on their approved list,” he added.

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