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Stulz to develop NZ reseller channel with launch of data centre optimisation service

09 Dec 14

Global supplier of data centre cooling systems Stulz Australia has launched a data centre audit and optimisation service designed to assist Australian and New Zealand organisations with identifying risk, reducing energy consumption and improve power usage effectiveness.

Along with the launch of the service, the company will be developing its reseller channel in New Zealand next year.

“Stulz will be developing its reseller channel in New Zealand during 2015 and providing the data centre optimisation service through these new partners,” says John Jakovcevic, managing director, Stulz Australia.

The auditing and optimisation service provides data centre managers with continuous insight and reporting capability to assist with safely reducing energy spend of their computer room air-conditioning units while continuing to reap the benefits of effectively managing a constantly evolving data centre.

Jakovcevic says “we all know that air-conditioning represents a significant portion of the energy bill of any data centre and all manufacturers are continuously introducing new designs and technologies to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. However, a significant proportion of the energy costs are still attributed to the way in which airflow or capacity control is being managed or not managed”.

Jakovcevic says “data centres are dynamic spaces with new racks being added or removed, current racks being populated, floor grilles adjusted, added, and contained areas being deployed without a true understanding on the effects in the room or the cooling equipment. Operators need the correct tools and services to meet these challenging demands”.

He says the Stulz audit and optimisation service allows data centre operators to visualise the air-conditioning units' operational effectiveness and how it affects the IT load. “Where required, the necessary changes can be made to the cooling equipment or to the environment to ensure effectiveness and efficiency is maximised whilst not compromising risk."

“We want to demonstrate to the market that Stulz is more than just a leading manufacturer of computer room air-conditioning equipment. It is a company that also understands the daily challenges faced by data centre operators or facility managers and we have the tools and know-how to be an ongoing partner in the quest to make our data centres even more efficient," Jakovcevic adds.