Symantec back-up devices boost NZ business line

14 Dec 12

Symantec has expanded their New Zealand business line with the launch of two backup appliances NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600.

The launch marks a new direction for the company, which has previously offered software and cloud solutions until now.

Branded as "a modern approach to backup for organisations of any size," Symantec says the appliances are installed in under 30 minutes, providing integrated hardware, software and dedupe storage.

According to Symantec’s recent studies, the total size of information stored today by all businesses is 2.2 zettabytes, with information costing businesses worldwide $1.1 trillion annually.

Of the businesses surveyed, 69% experienced some form of information loss due to human error, hardware failure, security breach, and/or lost or stolen devices.

“Gone are the days of extreme systems engineering where it was the customer’s responsibility to make all of their backup solutions work together," says Brenton Smith, vice president and managing director, Pacific region, Symantec.

"With these appliances we’ve introduced ground-breaking new features to replace outdated and complicated approaches."

Both Backup Exec and NetBackup appliances provide customers with an all-in-one platform which centralises backup for physical and virtual environments and maximises performance with end-to-end deduplication – all on pre-configured devices supported by Symantec.

Smith says the appliances will appeal to New Zealand organisations looking for a simple answer to the complex problem of data protection.

“The purpose-built appliances are a cornerstone in our strategy to drive complexity and costs out of the local backup market," he says.

"The combination of backup software, servers, storage and deduplication in a single technology will be an attractive proposition for organisations looking to take control of their data.”

Symantec Backup Exec 3600 and NetBackup 5220 appliances are now available in New Zealand with pricing starting at $15,993.97 for the Backup Exec 3600 appliance and $45,915.55 for the NetBackup 5220 appliance.

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