Symantec Partner Programme Q&A

28 Apr 11

Symantec recently implemented an enhanced version of its Partner Programme in New Zealand.

The company says that the cornerstone of the programme is specialisations, a requirement of membership levels of Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


The programme aims to help Symantec partners increase competencies and build competitive advantage.

Jeff Arndt, Channel Sales Director, explains to The Channel how the new programme can benefit New Zealand resellers. 

What does the enhanced programme offer resellers that previous ones didn’t? 

During the last 12 months, Symantec partners have been undertaking specialisations to transition to the enhanced programme. The feedback from partners has been very positive with many partners already meeting the enhanced requirements. Some of the first partners to transition into the eSPP include Dimension Data, CSC, Insentra and Thomas Duryea. 

Throughout the transition period, Symantec offered partners training programmes and delivered on our promise, made 12 months ago, to help partners differentiate their business, maximise their return on investment and accelerate their profits.  

Symantec’s partnering vision is to give our partners opportunities for predictable, profitable growth; relevant market-leading solutions to secure and manage customers’ information, as well as skills and tools to deliver superior value to customers. 

What trends are you seeing in the channel at the moment? 

There are many long-term trends taking place within the channel partner community, specifically focused on value-added services, market specialisation and business value. 

Our enhancements acknowledge these shifts by offering our partners more opportunities to remain relevant while maximising returns from their Symantec investment. 

In the last 12 months, Symantec has delivered nine Solution Specialisations, one Market Segment Specialisation, and eight Master Specialisations to Partners in APJ. 

How have you had to adapt the programme in New Zealand to deal with the economical effects your partners currently face in today’s financial climate?


Every country is different, and region to region can differ immensely as well. Right now we’re seeing interest spike in areas associated with backup and disaster recovery. Considering the events that have, literally, shaken the country over the last nine months we’re not surprised by this.  

New Zealand has historically gravitated towards SMB solutions, which is why we’re also seeing our Small and Midsize Business Specialisation performing. The enterprise security specialisation programme is also growing in popularity as Symantec recently launched the new version of Symantec Endpoint Protection which will be available later this year.     

What’s the uptake of the programme been like? 


While we can not disclose the exact percentage, Symantec is pleased with the rate at which partners have been transitioning to the eSPP and is encouraging all partners that have not yet transitioned to contact their partner account manager. 

We’re confident that our channel partners are recognising benefits that can build competitive advantage, improve recognition and increase profitability.  

What doesn't the programme do that partners would like it to?  What kind of feedback have your partners given you?


We listened to our partners’ feedback and designed the Enhanced Symantec Partner Programme to differentiate their businesses, maximise their opportunities and accelerate their profitability.  We’ll continue to listen as this programme evolves. 

We’re confident that the programme will deliver on its commitment to increase value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities. 

More info on the programme can be found here.

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