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Synnex secures new Aussie distie deal

15 Nov 13

Network Attached Storage firm Thecus has revealed its new partnership with the Australian distributor Synnex, ensuring its successful penetration into the Australian data storage market.

As a result of the agreement, the Network Attached Storage and Network Video Recorder solutions specialist is looking to improve its market-penetration in what the company calls a "territory full of potential."

“As the largest IT distributors across Asia Pacific, Synnex’s expertise were just what Thecus was searching for when trying to find a partner who shared our commitment to innovation and reliability," says Florence Shih, GM, Thecus.

Welcomes the new partnership, Yu-Chen Liao, Product Director Synnex Australia adds: "Thecus has been a world leader in NAS breakthroughs with products that can fulfill the ever-increasing demands of the data storage market.

"With the continued growth in the use and storage of videos, photos, multimedia files, the demand for NAS in the home is equally significant as it is in the business storage segment.

"As one of the most environmentally friendly countries, the increasing number of paperless offices has driven the demand for storage in the SMB segment.

"In fact, Thecus’s commitment to quality, innovation, integration, and reliability has led to 10 world-firsts in the NAS industry, as well as over 20 award-winning solutions ranging from 2-bay home-user NAS to 16-bay enterprise-class systems."

Thecus products include plug-and-play setups, mobile access through the T-OnTheGo app, HDMI output, cloud backup, Link Aggregation, iSCSI Thin Provisioning, a free McAfee anti-virus module, High Availability, 10GbE, and support for Daisy-chaining.

“Making these products available to Synnex’s 7,000 reseller partners through their national distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth is vital for the long term success of Thecus in Australia," concludes Shih.