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Tablet Hybrids set to ship 50 million by 2018

26 Mar 14

Tablet Hybrid devices will ship nearly 50 million units by 2018, rising from an estimated 9.5 million in 2013.

New findings from hi-tech analyst firm, Juniper Research, observed that the tablet market is becoming increasingly diverse as new form factors emerge.

"This small scale evolution in the grey area between the Tablet and Ultrabook market is extremely appealing to a niche demographic, mostly business users and gamers," writes Nitin Bhas, report author.

"These demographics are also the most able and willing to spend on new devices. The latest Galaxy Tab-Pro is an example of such a proposition - a business-friendly tablet together with a dedicated keyboard and mouse."

Tablets for Education

Meanwhile, in the mainstream Tablet market, the significant drop in the price of Tablets has meant that several governments and schools are now providing students with either free or subsidised tablets.

Schemes include the government of Thailand’s One Tablet PC per Child policy or the Aakash tablets subsidised by the Indian government.

Consequently, the tablet is now seen also as an educational tool in certain markets. It is also perhaps indicative that the future of education is more towards research and interactive programmes.

Other key findings include:

• Hybrid ASP will remain stable over the forecast period due to the more affluent demographics.

• Retailers are increasingly launching low cost tablets as a gateway to their online services via widgets and pre-installed features.