Take advantage of Sophos’s FREE wireless access points offer

08 Aug 13

Users today need to be able to access data and resources on the network using laptops and mobile devices.

Your customers need a solution that is reliable, secure and most of all, easy to manage.

The Sophos UTM Wireless Protection solution allows guest access and BYOD while also limiting what different users can access.

Why Sophos Wireless?

• No local configuration of access points

• Wireless clients get complete threat protection through Sophos UTM

• Quick voucher-based guest access

• Wireless repeating and bridging with AP50

Special offer

• Free wireless access points when you buy a Sophos UTM FullGuard subscription before September 30, 2013

Register your interest

To take advantage of this promotion contact Connector Systems at sophos@connectorsystems.co.nz, call 0508 225 527 or register online at www.sophos.com/wireless for a call-back.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Watch this short video, narrated by Paul Ducklin on Busting Wireless Security Myths:

More information about Sophos Wi-Fi click here

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