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The best cyberslacking solution - Mako

01 Feb 07

If it’s security with simplicity you’re after then look no further than the Mako Networks System.

Designed from the word go to meet the needs of SME customers, Mako’s offering is an all-in-one network management and security system.
The system consists of a unit that resides at the customer’s premises and connects – via ADSL, 3G or Ethernet - to the internet and Mako’s servers. Resellers use the internet to connect sites and users. That’s it.

“All end users want is a total peace of mind solution. They don’t want to concern themselves with issues associated with broadband use. However they do want to monitor the performance of the network, what it’s being used for and have the ability to diagnose problems,” says Bill Farmer, Mako chief executive.
As a result of the way the system is architected Farmer says resellers end up with happier customers and a tool for regular contact opportunities to sell other products.
“The service is basically what we sell. Effectively we’re turning a network connectivity sale into an added value sale for the reseller.”
What’s more, says Farmer,  the shrink wrapped system gives smaller resellers the capability to compete for larger contracts.
“We’ve got individual resellers – one man band’s effectively – managing 40-site nationwide installations with a PDA.”
Meanwhile larger resellers can quickly add up the cost benefits of considerable time and money savings.
As far as Farmer is aware Mako is the only system in the world that is pro-active rather than reactive to dealing with network issues.
Simon Gamble, Mako business development director, adds that it doesn’t matter to users where a reseller is located as they can provide national coverage from their desktop.
“Resellers log on to a secure website and can fully control their customers with Mako and the network sitting in the background. Additionally we provide a tier-2 helpdesk so it doesn’t matter whether a reseller is located in Auckland, Wellington or Twizel,” he says.
Initial setup, firewall and VPN control, diagnostics and other reporting can all be done remotely, saving resellers valuable time and expense in onsite installation.
Even linking offices together can be done online within a matter of minutes.
This Gamble says turns setting up VPNs into a profitable exercise for resellers rather than a loss-leader for other business.
Mako’s current resellers come from, and service, all parts of the market from two-person legal firms through to the small branch offices of New Zealand’s largest corporates.
Mako’s system is also capable of integrating with a customer’s existing infrastructure.
Gamble says there is no extensive training requirement for new resellers, although Mako does offer full training, which will take approximately 60 minutes to get up to speed, and ongoing support.

If you are interested in becoming a Mako reseller or want to hear more about the system please contact Simon Gamble on 09 448 1340 or at