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The difference between Techday's news stories, contributions and sponsored stories

By Sara Barker, 02 Aug 2021

At Techday we typically publish three types of stories: news stories, contributions and sponsored stories. 

Each type of story has a different purpose and benefits, so it’s worthwhile to understand which type could work best for your marketing needs.

Which type of story is right for your marketing goals?

Our table below summarises the key offerings for each story type:  

News story Contribution Sponsored story
Guaranteed coverage
Full editorial control
Multiple images and photos of your choosing
A choice of which sites the story runs on (16 sites)
Call to action
Links embedded in the story
Lead capture
Event registration
Shared on social media (we focus mainly on Twitter)
Stickiness on our homepages for two weeks
Inclusion on our email newsletters
Stickiness on our email newsletters for two weeks
Full reporting of impressions, reads and click throughs
A guarantee of impressions and reads achieved
A high click-through rate of 3 to 5%

Let's take a closer look at each type of story.

News stories 

These stories make up the largest proportion of content on our sites.

They are typically based on the most newsworthy press releases. However, story selection, style and tone are all entirely at the mercy of our editorial team.

Because we receive thousands of press releases every week, it is likely that your release will not make it to publication on our sites. You can submit press releases free of charge to

Read more about how our editorial process works here


These typically come in the form of written opinion pieces by your client, or they could be a 10 Minute IT Jam video hosted by our editors.

Written contributions are thought leadership pieces based on a relevant technology theme that resonates with our audiences.

IT Jams are 10-minute video interviews that cover a company's purpose, its products and solutions, recent announcements, and details about how to contact the team. They can also cover hot topics or trends.


  • Guaranteed coverage
  • A choice of which sites the story runs on our network of sites
  • Active social sharing of the post on multiple occasions
  • Full reporting of impressions, reads, and in the case of video the YouTube views.

While informative, we have strict policies that contributions must meet. Contributions are also subject to changes from our in-house editors and cannot promote products or services.

Here are examples of a written contribution and an IT Jam.

Sponsored stories

Sponsored stories are integrated editorial pieces. This is often known as editorial integration or advertorial. They are our most flexible and worthwhile option for ensuring the right message and guaranteed coverage on our sites. 

You can provide your own content, or our editors can work with you on each story to create a tightly focused story, complete with strong messaging and a call to action that resonates with your target audience/s.

As in the table above, there are many key benefits of sponsored stories, such as:

  • Guaranteed coverage
  • Full editorial control
  • Embedded links to websites of your choice
  • Full reporting of impressions, reads, and clickthroughs

More information is in the video below:

Read more about our sponsored story offerings below:

Techday sponsored stories are a powerful medium - how can you use them?
Techday's sponsored story specifications: What you need to know

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If you have any additional questions or would like to advertise with us, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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