The Fuji Xerox Printers Opportunity

01 Feb 07

One of the best ways for resellers to ensure they make money out of selling printers is to up their game when it comes to the consumables market.

Matthew Borchert, Fuji Xerox Printers business development manager, says the focus that’s been put on cost–per–page printing has pushed end users towards researching the cost of consumables.
“Everyone is catching on to the concept now. SMEs don’t want to purchase their consumable products through retail, not when they can get better pricing through resellers,” he says.
Borchert admits there is reluctance among resellers to carry consumable stock but recommends ensuring they have a small holding of stock.
“I’ve come from the reseller world and I know they are reluctant to hold a bit of stock, but if they do they’re in a better position to deliver a good service to their customers.”
In the last six months Fuji Xerox has doubled its range of printers – from 20 to 40 models – and Borchert says this will continue to increase.
“Historically our brand has been known for high quality at a high price. Well, the quality is still superb, however the prices are coming down.”
The new printers are designed to fill gaps in the market rather than replacement models and Borchert says the thinking behind this move is to keep customers with the brand.
Of all the models on the market Borchert says the C525A has been a spectacular success.
“It’s won every conceivable award and everyone – from SOHO through to corporate customers – seems to like it. If we can put a printer in front of a customer they’ll buy it.”
While Fuji Xerox Printers isn’t number one in the market Borchert wants to see the brand hit second spot.
“In a typical tender situation where you have around 30 resellers, the majority will be pushing the same brand and that means price wars. Yet if they consider FXP as the significant other brand they’ll stand out from the crowd.”

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