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The road ahead

01 Feb 12

As we move into 2012, it is crucial for technology providers to ensure resellers have a solid understanding of how they can best help companies move towards adopting unified communications (UC) so they may realise the significant benefits UC offers.
As UC is increasingly rolled out across businesses, it will be even more important for resellers to not only help their customers make informed decisions on the deployment of UC, but also to continue that relationship after deployment to understand and appreciate how the technology is being used. The way we work is changing – and UC plays a central role, allowing users to work effectively and efficiently, no matter where they are.
Moving toward UC and mobility
A growing number of New Zealand and Australian businesses are turning to UC, with the market in Australia expected to increase by almost 50% over the next five years, according to Frost & Sullivan. Wireless is also a key growth area, with more and more workers spending time outside of the office and demanding reliable and efficient connectivity, no matter where they are. Communications devices must be matched appropriately to each individual user’s role, responsibilities and environment.
The rise of the multimedia multitasker
As office workers juggle more and more communications devices and applications both at home and at work, resellers need to support their customers in deploying UC by considering how the employees are using different forms of communications, whether it be a smartphone, desk phone, softphone, video conferencing or social networking. A recent study showed the average office worker manages around five devices to help keep them in touch.
Social media in the workplace
Last year saw an increase in social media being used for work purposes, with younger employees more than twice as likely to incorporate Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn into their working practices than their older colleagues. To support this new era of communication, companies need to consider a high quality UC solution to ensure they are taking full advantage of the technology.
Bring your own devices is also an increasing trend that can be supported by the adoption of UC as customers choose to bring their own communications devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to work – demanding prompt, flexible access to company information.
Voice recognition
As we have seen in the consumer space, voice recognition will continue to gather momentum as a trend in business in the coming year.