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The serial acquisitor: UXC

01 Jul 06

Australian-based business solutions company UXC uses an acquisition strategy to build depth and capability in selected geographies.

UXC has made a number of New Zealand purchases in recent years including Wellington-based Sequel, Oxygen and most recently Eone.

CEO Chris Nicolli says his company’s vision is to establish world-leading capabilities in identified market segments.

Typically, says Nicolli, UXC prefers to team with like-minded companies looking for continued growth.

“We like profitable companies to join us. Quite often businesses are on the market because the owner wants to get out or it’s in trouble but UXC prefers to stay away from them,” he says.

Instead Nicolli says he looks for strong management interested in preserving all the elements that make the purchase so attractive.

Nicolli’s top acquisition tips

- never rely on forecasts, base considerations on actual or sustainable profits

- don’t mess with the management or culture of the business

- brand changes must be carefully thought through

- preserve the elements that make it such a good business

- try and get some back office synergies