The service provider advantage

01 Jun 08

Whether you are starting up or looking to expand your business it always counts to make sure you are well informed. Yourbiz provides business information, products and services designed specifically for the small to medium enterprise. Membership is free and unlocks access to New Zealand business advice, how-to guides and other tools to make running a business easier. Business partner Tyler Rosolowski gave The Channel a closer look at what Yourbiz is all about.
TC: How did it all begin?
TR: As the service providers to the new owners of Yourbiz, we saw real synergy with their offering and approached them to become the Yourbiz Technology partner. We had already been offering IT services for five years, and VoIP telephones for over a year and saw real value becoming a Yourbiz partner. We are midway through development of a new website which will be the portal to a wide array of business services for the Yourbiz members.
TC: What changes has the business undergone?
TR: We have rebranded our company under the Yourbiz name, and set up a Yourbiz Communications division. We have been employing sales agents and support staff.
TC: What is your core business?
TR: Our core business is evolving from supplying IT services, to VoIP Telephones which offer real value for money for our customers; we are focusing on taking the pain out of migration to VoIP offerings, and managing the whole process so our customers get a great experience from day one. We are also expanding Yourbiz’s support and information depository for small business customers by building up a database of business knowledge on the website which will be launching soon.
TC: What are your clients and what business challenges do they face?
TR: Our clients are the owners of small to medium businesses, whilst the small business owner is often a specialist in their chosen profession, many lack technical expertise in various management disciplines.  They also tend to have little capability of acquiring goods and services at genuine wholesale rates. The Yourbiz group, with over 11,000 members, can use this buying power to negotiate wholesale rates with willing suppliers.
TC: What challenges do you face operating outside a metropolitan area?
TR: Most of our products can be supplied and serviced from our remote location. We are however currently engaging agents to represent us throughout the country.
TC: What technology is hot right now?
TR: I see VoIP as very hot right now; a lot of phone companies are offering it, but doing it poorly, and a lot of IT companies are getting their toes wet with a few clients giving it a go, but the skill set is a lot different for IT than for VoIP.
TC: What’s not?
TR: Microsoft Vista — the poor man’s Windows. Consigned to the technological trash can along with Token Ring and Betabax.
TC: What’s the best thing about your location?
TR: Ponsonby, hmmm...the restaurants, nightlife, beautiful woman, and being in the heart of the city.
TC: Without giving away valuable IP – what do you think is the secret to your success?
TR: There’s no real secret. Do the right thing by your clients, and at all times look to save them money.

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