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01 Oct 07

How did it all begin?
Having been around since 1993, we have the contacts and experience to successfully deploy services. With many examples of successful project completions, Network Pro offers the assurance of service delivery with the minimum of interruption to daily operation Our strength is in the refining, review, design, and installation of modern networks.
Ron van Twuiver is one of the founding members of Network Pro with over 20 years IT experience in Europe and New Zealand, and has a background in mini and mainframe systems, and wide area networks (WANs). In the last five years, Ron has been involved with technical designing and selling of internet security solutions, providing a holistic approach to network security.
Wayne Greer has over 19 years experience working with LANs, desktop PCs and computer security. Wayne has extensive experience with virtual private networks (VPN), and is skilled in internet security and Windows infrastructure.
Over the years, as the cliental grew so did the need to employ more qualified staff to cope with the demand.  Originally based in Wellington, Network Pro has successfully progressed to Auckland.
What changes has the business undergone?
Rapid growth and the dynamic IT environment have brought a consolidation of services and standards within the company.  The technical team provide sound technical advice on hardware and software products and designs, with a goal to provide clients with a network and internet solution that will meet their business and operational requirements.
Business-wise, the past 24 months have been a challenge.  Clients require not only value for money, but a return on their investment.  The focus has been to provide clients with IT architecture that is suitable and up-to-date, combined with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure the required service level has provided a strategic solution.  The traditional IT approach of providing ad hoc technical services is no longer sustainable for the business.
What is your core business?
Network Pro provides support and management of our clients’ IT environments, which happen to be across the spectrum in size.  The clients are businesses, government departments and other organisations.  
We provide this through the following:
   * technical support through certified engineers
   * IT hardware and software as a reseller
   * managed services
There are two technical teams – one in the field (serving client at their premises) and a second managing the same clients through automated services (serving the clients from our premises). 
There is an emphasis on internet security, and the protection of the clients’ IT infrastructure.   We provide managed services for: Electronic Mail Security, Anti-Virus, Firewall & Intrusion Detection, and provide strength to the company by covering all aspects of internet security.
What business challenges do your clients face?
Client requirements are more onerous than ever before.  Value for money through the service we provide must be measurable, and a return on their IT infrastructure investment must also be measurable and positive.  Clients’ IT architecture need to meet the business functions of their operations.  The continuing changes in IT operating systems and technology have forced every organisation to replenish their IT architecture more often that they plan.  As email has become the foremost means of business communication, the prevalence of viruses and spam has emphasised the need for robust internet security.
What challenges do you face operating outside a metropolitan area?
The remote clients (outside the main cities) have not really caused too many challenges.  If anything, our managed services operate in a way to facilitate distributed sites, and even overseas sites can be managed.
What technology is hot right now?
We think the new entry–level HP C3000 blade enclosures are big news for NZ small businesses.  They bring all the benefits of infrastructure consolidation for multiple server environments at an affordable price point, whereas this has often been beyond the reach of many clients in that SMB space.  Another hot spot is the increasing range of security appliances that deliver Unified Threat Management (firewall, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, etc) all out of one box - again a boon for organisations with SMB-sized IT budgets, but who still face the same challenges as larger corporations.
What’s not?
Traditional tape drive back-up media.  Although it is still the benchmark, it is expensive and often cumbersome to operate for non – IT staff.
What’s the best thing about your location?
We are close to our clients in Wellington – a great attribute – and our location on the North Shore in Auckland seems to be working well for us. 
Without giving away valuable IP – what do you think is the secret to your success?
High technical standards, excellent and dedicated employees, hard work, and finally, selecting products that perform well above their price.  

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