The top editorial topics for Techday's sites during February

29 Feb 16

Techday uses tags - essentially editorial topics - to help organise stories, as this allows us to recommend other stories to read next (based on the reader's interests) and target advertising towards a very particular audience

When a reader clicks on a tag, it takes him or her to a list of other stories which also have that phrase or word as a tag. Each month we rank the tags from each website to determine which were the most popular across our stories, as this can provide valuable information and indicate the hot topics for the month.

Here is the top five tags for each website within the Techday network during February:


  1. Data center
  2. Storage
  3. Data centers
  4. Data center infrastructure
  5. Cloud

  1. Digital signage
  2. Signagelive
  3. BroadSign
  4. Samsung
  5. Allied Telesis


  1. Storage
  2. Cloud
  3. Cyber security
  4. Australia
  5. Gartner

  1. IT security
  2. Cyber security
  3. Kaspersky
  4. Malware
  5. ESET

  1. IDC
  2. Storage
  3. Cloud
  4. Dicker Data
  5. Channel partners

New Zealand

  1. Gaming
  2. Spark
  3. Vodafone
  4. Apple
  5. UFB

  1. Education
  2. Innovation
  3. Ministry of Education
  4. NetSafe
  5. Amy Adams

  1. Innovation
  2. Vodafone
  3. UFB
  4. Amy Adams
  5. Spark

  1. Storage
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Cloud
  4. Cyber security
  5. IDC

  1. Cyber security
  2. IT security
  3. Malware
  4. Gartner
  5. Kaspersky

  1. IDC
  2. Storage
  3. Ingram Micro
  4. Cloud
  5. Gartner 

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