Trapeze links NZ connection

21 Jul 10

Trapeze Networks has launched three new product platforms for its 802.11n family, which Connector Systems will distribute throughout the New Zealand market.

"Many Trapeze Networks customers, especially in markets such as healthcare and education, have accelerated their adoption of 802.11n driven by new applications and a foundation of reliable architecture,” said Trapeze President Dhrupad Trivedi.

The new products are the Mobility Exchange 800R, the Mobility Point 522 and the Mobility Point 522E.

"Trapeze’s new product platforms will further support this market transition for our customers and provide an exciting product and solution roadmap. The introduction of these new products breaks the pricing barrier, driving the cost of 802.11n solutions closer to high-end 802.11 a/b/g offerings,” he added.

The new solutions are expected to be available from August.

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