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Vendor milestone achieved, says vendor

12 May 10

NetApp has said it's become the first vendor to achieve more than an exabyte of storage with deduped storage-system deployments.

With more than 87,000 deduped storage systems deployed and 12,000 customers benefiting from its storage efficiency technologies, NetApp says it leads the market in primary storage deduplication.

“If you consider the magnitude of an exabyte of storage, we’re talking the space of nearly three times the height of Mount Everest,” said Patrick Rogers, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at NetApp.

“As organisations continue to produce massive amounts of raw data, NetApp continues to deliver innovative solutions that enable them to achieve superior cost savings. No other best-of-breed storage vendor can offer this level of deduped storage capacity, or our range of storage efficiency technologies, or validate such significant and sustainable savings for customers.”

The firm also says that while other storage vendors offer only one or two storage efficiency products, NetApp offers nine technologies.

An agreement was recently signed that will see NetApp acquire Canadian-based privately held company, Bycast.