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Vivo develops new tech for 5G era

Vivo AR Glass, the new smartphone and Super FlashCharge 120W, revealed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019, are said to be Vivo’s commitment to bring new 5G-enabled technologies to consumers around the world.

At the event, which showcases ‘intelligent connectivity’, Vivo shared several 5G enabled smart devices and new technology all geared toward enabling an advanced mobile experience.

This was part of a broader strategy by the company to expand its 5G device offerings to include AR glasses, smart watches, smart headphones and more.

According to a statement from the company, moving forward Vivo will be pushing a multi-device, multi-application and multi-scenario approach in order to deliver a better user experience for the 5G era.

Vivo senior vice president Spark Ni says, "Vivo's mission has always been to develop innovative products to deliver the ultimate user experience, with smart devices and smart services as the core of our business."

"We hope through the introduction of new strategy and innovation we can truly make a big impact in improving people's quality of life and the society as a whole."

Vivo’s new 5G-enabled smartphone

As part of the company strategy, Vivo continues to launch smartphones designed for the 5G era. The company’s first commercial 5G smartphone will be officially available starting Q3 2019, according to Vivo.

In addition to the smartphone, Vivo is launching a range of 5G applications including 5G Cloud Game, 5G Screen Mirroring and 5G EasyShare and many more smart life scenarios.

More specifically, the 5G Cloud Game, which was demonstrated at MWC, is unique in that it runs on the cloud via 5G network. This is possible due to 5G's ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency, according to Vivo.

Through cloud rendering services, video and audio is streamed in real-time to the device. Processing from the cloud as opposed to the device itself enables users to have high-definition picture quality and a low-latency gaming experience.

The working model also applies to 5G Screen Mirroring and 5G EasyShare, and users don’t need to download additional applications to use 5G enabled services.

Augmented Reality comes to life with 5G

The new Vivo AR Glass, announced at MWC Shanghai, brings an augmented reality experience to users. The product supports dual-screen display and 6DoF Technology.

Users connect their 5G smartphone and then have access to applications such as mobile office, AR games, 3D high-definition video, facial recognition and object recognition on the Vivo AR Glass.

The Vivo AR Glass projects the content, then the 5G smartphone acts as the control that allows users to switch and select applications.

For instance, when playing a game, the smartphone becomes the main console, whereas on a mobile office setting, the smartphone will turn into a keyboard.

The five types of applications that are currently supported by Vivo AR Glass are: mobile game, mobile office, 5G theatre, facial recognition and object recognition.

Super FlashCharge empowers high-power charging

Another technology showcased at MWC Shanghai was Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W, which is said to require only five minutes to charge 50% of a 4,000mAh battery and can fully charge a smartphone in 13 minutes.

The ultra-high power charging product features a new charge pump technology with customisable Type-C data cable and travel charger, realising 120W ultra-high power charging (20V/6A).

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