Westcon moves Auckland office

12 Oct 12

Westcon has moved its Auckland headquarters to a new building, doubling office space in the process.

The distributor has uprooted staff less than a kilometre from their current Albany location, with the relocation expected to be finalised over this coming weekend.

Still continuing business as normal, Westcon says the move will see a doubling of office and warehouse space to help build the business's future.

“The basic reason for the move is the business is growing,” says Dave Rosenberg, Westcon NZ managing director

“We moved into the old premises in 2000, and over those years we've gone from just being in the bottom floor to popping out at the seams.

"So moving to a new building caters to some of our requirements that we are starting to do for the channel.”

“A lot of the relocation is about building an environment for the business’s future.

“Distribution is forever training and for us it’s ensuring our three- and five-year goals of what we want to be and how we want to distribute.”

But despite the new office space, Rosenberg says the company has no plans to increase the current staff count of around 100 employees.

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