Westpac joins NZICT board

19 May 10

Westpac GM of Customer and Technology Services, David Boyes, has joined the NZICT board as an Independent Director.

NZICT Chair Geoff Lawrie said that with Westpac New Zealand, the firm now represents multiple ICT vendors in New Zealand and with the inclusion of one of the country’s largest end users on our board, it is seeking to ensure it accommodate the requirements of the community.

“I would like to welcome David as an independent director on the NZICT board. We value David’s experience in the sector and look forward to working with him in the future,” said Lawrie.

Boyes added, "Westpac New Zealand is a heavy consumer of ICT products and services and has a keen interest in the innovation and success of the industry. At Westpac, my team is focused on delivering quality service to our customers and I hope my experiences can add value to our discussions and direction."

In February the organisation announced that Gen-i CEO Chris Quin and Dell NZ Country Manager Mike Hill were also joining the NZICT board.


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