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What to Stock: Techday’s exciting new channel offering

19 Oct 18

Techday recently reinvented ourselves in our most significant wholesale revamp since we went completely digital.

Today, we’re introducing two new sites, What to Stock Australia and What to Stock New Zealand, which are elegantly simple launch platforms for new channel products.

The sites are geared towards a wholesale audience, giving retailers an inside look at the hottest products in the market for them to carry.

They will have a listing format, featuring a quick overview of a product’s main features, key specifications, recommended retail price, and the local distributors carrying it.

Traffic will be generated by our email newsletters in Australia and New Zealand and from over 21,000 channel partners.

Interested in getting listed on the site?

You can get your products on What to Stock for $740 with a limited-time discount rate of 25%, coming up to a cost of $550.

Product managers only need to flick through a high-res image of their product and the link to the listing on their site, and our team will populate the rest of the information – allowing you to focus on your sales.

This makes What to Stock listings our offering with the shortest turnaround time to-date, with an estimated same-day delivery between receiving the product information and the listing going live.

At the end of two weeks, you will receive the results on the number of reads and clicks the listing has gained.

For an additional $525, you can even upgrade your listing to a Sponsored hands-on review written by one of our dedicated product reviewers.

You’ll have the final say on what gets published, and the review will be clearly indicated as sponsored content.

Techday publisher Sean Mitchell says, "Our new What to Stock sites are an excellent example of low cost, results-focused advertising options that Techday can provide.

“We have been making huge investments in our digital products and we're getting more repeat advertisers than ever before. The results speak for themselves."

Techday has 13 years of experience writing about and building key relationships within the Australian and New Zealand channel.

For enquiries about the sites, listings and how they work, our digital account manager Tom Richmond is on hand to answer your questions.

You can email him here, or reach him via phone at +61 2 909 882 54 for Australia and +64 9 973 5969 for New Zealand.