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Where should I buy that next gadget?

12 May 14

So you're in the market for that brand new fang-dangled gadget, but you're not quite sure what to buy or where?

Save yourself some hard work, and go to Auckland based price comparison website Price Me.

Its mantra is 'smarter shopping', and for the savvy shopper, there's over a 100 product categories to choose from, which in turn delivers over a million product /pricing comparisons.

The shopper can see which local retailer has the product for sale, sorted from lowest to highest price on the Compare Prices tab. If available, international retailers and their prices are included on a separate International tab too.

On the Compare Prices tab, additional information is available, creating a feature rich environment for the shopper. These include:

• A clickable link to the product retailer.

• A flag indicating the retailer's origin (should be mostly New Zealand).

• An info button which provides more information on the retailer in a popup box.

• The number of reviews and average rating against the retailer and its product.

• More info on the product relative to that supplier.

• An icon indicating whether the product is in stock or out of stock.

• An icon indicating whether a credit card surplus charge is applicable.

• Details of shipping costs, including whether delivery is free.

Where mobile phones are concerned, Price Me will list details of Plans offered up by local Telco Providers with the contract length, data caps, available minutes and a per month cost included.

A comprehensive Specifications page provides shoppers with the products technical details, should there be a specific requirement to compare against other similar products.

Price Me's product Reviews are sourced from websites that specialise in a specific product range. For instance, in the camera product range, reviews are sourced from reputable camera review sites, or photography professionals and specialists, and are categorised as Expert Reviews.

Price Me also has a User Reviews section too, where individuals can provide feedback on the product . The reviews are comprehensive, and provide a summary of pro's, con's and an overall verdict and rating scale.

Price Me provides a Google Map overlay with geographical details of where Local Shops are located which can be very handy when you are travelling from one place to another.

If the shopper has a query about the product, they can create a topic in the Price Me Forum, where the online community can provide either a response or an answer. The product page has a Forum Q&A tab where the forum topic can be created.

When it comes to shopping, Price Me is all about being smart and savvy meaning you don't need to jump around several retailer websites to get information as Price Me brings it all into one single and tidy environment.

Unless you truly enjoy getting out to the Mall, then finding your next gadget online via a site like Price Me is all that's required.