Tell me in 30 seconds why I should buy from you over your competition.

" > Tell me in 30 seconds why I should buy from you over your competition.

" /> Tell me in 30 seconds why I should buy from you over your competition.

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Why should I buy from you?

01 Jun 09

Tell me in 30 seconds why I should buy from you over your competition. Don’t read any further until you’ve done this.

How did you do? Did you include any of the following in your response?

?We have been  in business for X years.
? We have great support and care about our customers.
? Our technology products are proven, best of breed, fl exible, etc.
? We are industry leaders.
? We have lots of clients.

Look back at what you said. Does your competition say any of these things as well? Be totally honest. Put a line through each item you listed that your competition would also say (whether it is true or not), because your prospect will ignore it when he or she compares you to your competition.

I’m not saying that having great support, experience, technology products, clients and so on is not important. But I am saying that if your competition also says they have those things, your prospect will probably not take them into consideration when comparing you to them. So, after putting a line through each ‘me too’ item, what are you left with? What you are left with is what your prospects will see as the differences between you and your competition.

Now ask yourself:
? Do your prospects care enough about these remaining differences to choose your technology solution over your competition?
? Do these remaining differences make you the obvious choice over your competition?
? Would you choose your technology solution over your competition if these were the only differences?
? Have you been conveying these differences in all your interactions with your prospects?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your prospects will have to struggle to work out why they should buy from you, and you will have to struggle to make sales of your technology solution. To eliminate this struggle for both of you, work out a crystalclear answer to the question: “Why should I buy from you?” When you have your answer, make sure you convey all or parts of it in every interaction with your prospects – in meetings, in demonstrations, in presentations, in marketing materials, in proposals – everywhere you come into contact with prospects. Your objective is that, when you win the sale and someone asks your prospects why they chose your technology solution, their answer will be identical to yours.

When you have a neat answer as to why prospects should buy from you, your enthusiasm for helping your prospects will soar because you’ll be confi dent about why yours is absolutely the best technology solution for them. Enthusiasm and confi dence are contagious; your prospects will catch them, and they will become enthusiastic and confi dent about working with you and becoming your client.

I can appreciate that working out the answer to the pivotal question may not be easy, but it is something you must do if you want to stand out from your competition and make yourself the obvious choice for your prospects. To work out the answer, try brainstorming fi rst. Then ask your current clients why they bought from you. Then brainstorm a bit more. If you want to try some out-of-the-box thinking, take what you perceive as your biggest weakness and reframe it so it is your biggest strength in the eyes of your prospects. For example, if you’re a small company, make that your strength.

Make it a top priority to work out your answer to the most important question and you will make more sales of your technology solution faster, and at higher prices.

Tessa Stowe coaches technology companies on how to make more sales faster and at higher prices. To obtain her Top 10 Sales Mistakes When Selling Technology Products and Services – and How to Avoid Them, subscribe to the free Technology Sales Conversation newsletter.
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