Will Optimizer HQ go for NZX listing?

27 May 13

Optimizer HQ has announced plans to explore the prospect of listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

The New Zealand-based technology company says the proposed initiative reflects the growing demand for the company's payments, security and cloud technology solutions on a global scale.

As well as the desire of the company's stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities that a listing can afford the business.

Optimizer HQ CEO Manas Kumar says the company's principal focus is international expansion, which has so far seen them expand into Asia and North America.

"We are currently in the Philippines, Hong Kong, the US and Canada, and we plan to expand even further into Europe and the United Kingdom with a physical presence and 'on the ground' troops to accelerate growth," he says.

"This is all part of the 'bigger picture' for Optimizer HQ and a natural next step for the company to take our technology offering to the global stage."

Kumar says market sentiment is strong in several of the key Asia Pacific stock markets, including New Zealand, providing the company with confidence in knowing that this is an opportune time to consider a listing.

"A listing carries a number of benefits for Optimizer," says Kumar, who also believes a prospective listing on one of the regional stock exchanges provides a number of significant opportunities for the company.

"Besides serving as a great platform to grow the global presence and profile of the company, a listing also provides the company with the ability to utilise the capital market to facilitate strategic acquisitions of suitable new businesses to add to the Company's portfolio.

"Optimizer is a real innovator in the cloud space and what we've been able to accomplish in the marketplace with our philosophy of simplifying technology for businesses can be described as nothing less than game-changing.

"People have been able to connect with our story, and our long-term vision is to continue simplifying."

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