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Wireless expertise on offer

11 Aug 11

With the handover of Kalooma Technologies to Connector Systems finally completed, the company’s former managing director, Terence Fleming, is offering his services as a partner for channel resellers that may not have the manpower to provide wireless solutions themselves.

Kalooma was purchased by Connector in November, and Fleming says he has been aiding the transition since that date.

"Resellers and resellers' customers need to see that there’s a longevity in the product,” Fleming says.

"One of the questions customers often have is, this may be a great product but how long will I get support for? Kalooma’s approach was always that we were there in the long term, and I wanted to make sure that happened.”

Now, Fleming is starting a new company, Think Wireless, through which he will offer his services as a reseller and consultant to other channel partners.

"By coming further through the logistics chain, I can still be there supporting the customers and resellers I’ve worked with in the past, but without competing with Connector at all,” Fleming says.

Another factor limiting competition is the fact wireless is still a small industry, despite the rise of devices like smartphones and tablets.

"Wireless is usually only a small part of a reseller’s networking business, and networking is usually only a small part of their overall business.”

As for products, Fleming says he will be working on offering wireless network management in the cloud.

"It lets you take a heavy fixed-cost item and offer it as a variable cost item. Smaller businesses don’t have to have their own staff running the network, and it’s a much more scalable solution.

Fleming adds that after ten years he’s still interested in the wireless industry.

"It’s one of the most exciting bits of IT. What’s fun about it is you’re at last seeing people using it properly, working and thinking, is there a better place I could be doing this?”