Woods wins for the 2nd year

01 Sep 07

In July, Quicken New Zealand awarded Verna Woods, director of Quick Training in Tauranga, its prestigious Consultant of the Year by Quicken NZ.  Kerry Wood, managing director for Quicken NZ, said “The New Zealand award was made based on Quick Training’s continued market development and their commitment to their clients.”
It is clear that Woods has a commitment to more than just her clients.  “The more I use QuickBooks, the more I love it,” she said.  “The Quicken products are continually being developed, and they just keep getting better.  The flexibility of the product is superb.”
Woods was awarded a trophy, and invited to the 2008 Quicken Australia Accredited Consultant Conference, which she plans to attend.  Despite heavy competition in the Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui areas, Quick Training has excelled in sales, training and support services largely in part to the fantastic support they receive from Quicken NZ.
This is the third year that Quicken NZ has awarded this honour, and the second win for Woods.  For the first time, the award has been ratified and endorsed by Quicken Australasia’s CEO Gavin Dixon, which according to Woods is good for all of New Zealand as it raises the bar. 
“Our business model at Quick Training is actually based and modelled on our strong commitment to the Quicken brand.”  It is little wonder that Woods has found such success given her loyalty and commitment.  

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