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Wynyard Group reveals inaugural board

15 Apr 13

Wynyard Group chair Dr Murray Horn has revealed an inaugural seven-member board to guide and support the company following its separation from Jade Software.

Horn says the new board intends to cope with an international market presence, with the company currently working with over 400 clients worldwide.

“The Wynyard Group Board consists of members with a broad range of skills and expertise from the finance, infrastructure and high-growth technology industries, together with strong governance and leadership experience relevant to the business," Dr Horn says.

“The make-up of the board delivers experience in driving innovation and new business models and a strong understanding of product commercialisation and globalisation as well as proven financial and commercial acumen."

As representatives of current major shareholders, board members Richard Twigg, Raj Bhole and Wynyard Group MD, Craig Richardson bring strong knowledge of Wynyard’s inception and history as well as its customers and technology to the Wynyard Group board according to Dr Horn.

Dr Horn goes on to say that new board members - software entrepreneurs Herb Hunt and Guy Haddleton bring deep technology expertise; and banking, finance and legal professional, Susan Peterson, brings strong financial acumen and governance.

“The new board brings an understanding of Wynyard’s current business, the fast-growing markets it operates in and the challenges clients face," Dr Horn says.

"This coupled with strong financial acumen and governance, entrepreneurial success and a passion for innovation, and business success is a winning combination.

“I am confident this board will deliver the right mix of skills, experience and expertise required to guide the company."