08 Jul 2013
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1 New Message...out with Calcium in with Cumulo9

Calcium Software has rebranded its business to become Cumulo9, following two years of re-shaping the company from an e-marketing entity.

The New Zealand-owned cloud-based business email provider says the corporate branding reflects the company’s strategic focus on digital communications for a paperless world.

"The new name reflects our desire to provide serious cloud based solutions that can be trusted by our customers and their clients," says Chris Hogg, CEO, Cumulo9.

“Central to the rebrand and shift in focus to centralised digital communications are the four brand pillars, which define the key performance attributes we believe are most important to our customers:

• Environmental sustainability – through the reduction of paper and CO2 emissions associated with transporting it

• Guaranteed delivery and availability of essential documents such as invoices, pay-slips and contracts

• Cost and time savings resulting in improved cash flows and reduced “days outstanding”

• Constant innovation delivered with outstanding quality

Hogg says this has seen Cumulo9 evolve from a “branded email” provider, and the core technology behind this service adapted to provide a high deliverability transactional email solution; mailPost.

Embraced by two of the largest print and mail houses in the country, mailPost is used by NZ Post and Solution Dynamics Ld.

More recently, products and services in the areas of document archiving, anti-spam / anti-virus and payment solutions have been added to cumulo9’s product portfolio, providing a full suite digital communication offering to partners and customers alike.

“Cumulo9 provides a much clearer value proposition for our key partners and customers," Hogg says.

"We are a Cloud based solution provider with a specific focus on digital communications solutions for a paperless world.”

Hogg continues with a real world example of how the technology is helping customers and the environment;

“In the last year, New Zealand Post sent more than 7,500,000 essential mail documents via email for its customers using Cumulo9’s mailPost product," he says.

"To put that in context, if the paper used to print these documents was piled up it would be 1000 metres high – almost three times the height of Auckland's Sky Tower. The paper would weigh 45 tonnes.”

Channel move

Another pivotal change for the company is a move from direct to channel sales, it has recently appointed seasoned Channel Partner Executive; Jason Simons.

Simons’ role is to build and grow the channel for Cumulo9, first by helping our current key partners that include NZ Post, Livelink Connect and SDL.

This will include working with key customers of partners such as NZ Post customers Genesis, Mercury, Meridian and Sky TV.

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