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2023 Computer Animation Festival in Sydney celebrates international talent
Tue, 5th Dec 2023

The 2023 Computer Animation Festival (CAF) at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is set to honour exceptional animators and teams as part of SIGGRAPH Asia 2023. The festival is a highly anticipated annual event that showcases a curated selection of the finest animations from the year, highlighting the ground-breaking innovations of animators and their significant contributions to the industry.

Generating much excitement, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 CAF is debuting an innovative initiative, the Junior Competition. Held in collaboration with BESydney and NSW Department of Education's STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) programme, the competition recognises the brilliant work of four local students who have created animation shorts, which will be screened at the Animation Theatre.

The festival is a celebration of global animation talent, with 38 films selected from an impressive pool of 382 submissions contributed by 595 artists from 14 countries. The event, featuring captivating short films to scientific visualisations and AI-enhanced projects, will redefine the boundaries of animation excellence.

Herman Van Eyken, Co-Chair of the Computer Animation Festival and Director of Griffith Film School in Australia, said, "I am thrilled to witness the remarkable diversity of creativity and expansive technical prowess showcased at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Computer Animation Festival." He added that seeing global talent showcased in Australia is exceptionally gratifying, particularly since Australia is a key player on the international stage.

Rob Coleman, Co-Chair of the Computer Animation Festival and Creative Director of Industrial Light & Magic, also expressed excitement, highlighting the sophisticated and immersive animation at SIGGRAPH Asia as truly inspiring. He looks forward to continuing to provide a platform for innovative works that foster creativity and technological innovation in the dynamic landscape of animation.

The festival will acknowledge several extraordinary projects, including 'Moirai - Thread of Life', awarded Best in Show; 'Hair Universe', which won the Jury's Special Award; and 'Thaba Ye', for the Best Student Project. 'Quem Salva' and 'Loup y es-tu?' both earned Honourable Mentions.

In the Junior Competition, the winning animation was 'Water' by Selina Ho, with 'The Star Keeper' by Keina Sugiyama taking the runner-up place. 'Inspiration' by Mina Phan and 'Coil Motors – Electro P200D' by Nathan Fereig both received Honourable Mentions.

Professor Scott Sleap, Chair of STEM for Youth!, said the inclusion of high school students at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 is inspiring and crucial in promoting the computer graphics and animation industry. It serves as a stepping stone for nurturing the next generation of talents in the field.

Both the Computer Animation Festival and the innovative Junior Competition at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 promise to be a grand celebration of creativity, technology, and talent, further strengthening the global animation community.