Administering the right medicine

01 Feb 07

Christchurch-based Fraame Solutions specialises in supporting the technology needs of healthcare providers in New Zealand and Australia. Co-founder and director Gavin Wright talks to The Channel about the highs and lows of this successful start-up.

How did it all begin?
In the early 2000s I believed we would see a continued transition of health services delivered by non-profit, non government and community organisations. In line with this, there would be greater accountabilities, audit and stakeholder requirements.  I launched Fraame in 2003 to assist organisations in dealing with these challenges. Specifically Fraame fuses entrepreneurial drive and vision with a business development focus on health and government sectors.

Why specialise in healthcare?
I established a health programme for the Aoraki Corporation (which later became Jade Software) in the early nineties, leveraging the changes that occurred in the sector - such as the health reforms implemented by the government.
Subsequently I became involved in developing new health solutions that reflected the change in the sector, such as delivering a greater range of health services in the community, which were developed in the Jade technology. Opportunities and changes occurring in the sector meant that specialisation in the healthcare sector would facilitate growth for Fraame.

What challenges has the business gone through?
Launching a brand new company with no market profile and an unknown product set in this part of the world. It was a major issue launching into a conservative and yet very competitive market sector such as healthcare. There was the challenge of generating sufficient cash flow to support the growth of the business and also ensuring that the market clearly understood our value proposition.

What success has Fraame enjoyed and what has the impact been on the business?
Fraame has enjoyed considerable success, including now having a number of large and prestigious health providers utilising our services. We also won the marketing award at the 2006 Hi Tech awards. These successes have enabled the company to scale its activities quickly and achieve tremendous credibility within the health sector.

Any plans to expand beyond Australasia?
Not at this stage - although there are opportunities to explore in Asia in the future.

Who do you partner with and how have those relationships helped?
Fraame is a developer and software solutions partner of Hewlett Packard which has given us tremendous endorsement and credibility. We also partner with US-based FileVision, from which we source our core product set.

How do you attract & retain staff?
As a specialist health IT company we have looked to develop our programme with key people from the health industry. They have an understanding of the challenges clients face and reflect these business requirements into a technology solution. We also have a very flexible policy which focuses on work outcomes rather than being at work 9 – 5.

What business challenges do your customers face?
Many of Fraame’s clients face multiple challenges of having to deal with increasing complexity, compliance and issues of accountability and stakeholder relationship management. As more emphasis and funding is being pushed out into the community these challenges will continue to grow. Plus, with increasing levels of litigious behaviour in our society, having the right information exactly when it’s needed will become even more important.
What’s the best thing about your location?
Being located in Christchurch is very much a lifestyle choice for the business where we can attract and retain staff of a high calibre. Staff travel a lot as we have clients spread across Australasia.

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