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Advanced Cyberoam certificate due 2011

21 Oct 10

The certificate was designed for technical professionals who provide support or perform deployment and administration of Cyberoam solutions.

Participants were required to attend a two-day training course with a Cyberoam trainer, and then to pass the CCNSP exam at the end of the course.
SnapperNet held its first course earlier this month, with a class of nine. Jacques Calitz from CliqueIT, Alex Locatelli from Computer Services, Joseph Maharaj of Excellent Software, Mike Lepper of  IT Securities, Brett Smith of Notable IT Services, David Campbell and Murray Holdsworth of Simnet, Simon Walkden of ThinkIT and SnapperNet’s own Byron Paul graduated as New Zealand’s first CCNSPs.            
SnapperNet Director Richard Paul, said, “Without our reseller partners we could never serve customers on the ground in throughout New Zealand as well as we do today. Reseller certification validates these resellers and gives us the confidence that they can properly sell and support Cyberoam solutions. CCNSP certified resellers receive qualified sales leads from us and high-level direct support from Cyberoam.”
SnapperNet will hold another CCNSP course in 2011, followed by a Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Expert course which is the next step in Cyberoam’s career certifications ladder.

Cyberoam and SnapperNet recently tied the knot on a local distribution deal for solutions both firms say are perfect for New Zealand businesses.