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Advantage to resell PowerDMARC email spoof prevention SaaS

By Sara Barker, Tue 1 Sep 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Advantage has signed on as one of the first New Zealand resellers of email monitoring solution PowerDMARC.

In partnership with Katana Technologies, Advantage and PowerDMARC will help to increase DMARC adoption rates across the region.

DMARC is an acronym for domain-based message authentication, reporting, and performance.  It is used as an email authentication policy and reporting protocol.

This is particularly important as cybercriminals develop new ways of spoofing legitimate brands, such as government agencies and private companies. Spoofed emails can often look identical to a real message, and many people do not know to determine whether the sender is legitimate or not.

“Signing a founding partner like Advantage is a great step towards seeing increased adoption rates of DMARC across the region,” comments Katana Technologies founder Steve Rielly. 

“Initial customer trials are showing immediate value by highlighting both known and unknown issues with email security and delivery rates, and how to fix them right away.”

PowerDMARC designed its platform to function as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), continuous protection against email spoofing and fraudulent email delivery.

The service includes PowerSPF, which tells receiving servers which emails are coming from authorised and unauthorised IP addresses and how to deal with them. 

Additionally, Power Take Down allows users to remove unauthorised IPs. It provides forensics with encryption and includes support for STS-BIMI and MTA so users can make TLS encryption mandatory for every email.

“PowerDMARC’s platform is lightweight and efficient, which is everything a partner is looking for in a solution to show great return to value for the clientele, and we are seeing immediate success with Advantage,” says Rielly.

Advantage regional sales executive Steve Smith says that the company worked with clients to conduct trials of the PowerDMARC service. Many clients were surprised to find that they have been targeted by email spoofing attacks.

“We are delighted to have been appointed a partner for this solution which is another weapon in our armoury of services to protect New Zealand businesses and government.”

Smith adds that Advantage is a technology-driven organisation that focuses on partnerships with its clients. These partnerships share intrinsically linked success.

“To achieve this goal in today’s IT landscape, we maintain a level of flexibility and agility that few providers can rival. Our focus is on building scalable and secure solutions for customers that rely on highly connected IT services. Everything we do is secure by design and generally incorporates one or more of our security services which are often no longer optional in today’s environment.”

“All services that we provide can be fully managed, customer-managed, or jointly managed, based on the customer’s requirements and internal resources,” Smith concludes.

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