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APC in a ‘pod’: containerised data centres
Wed, 14th Oct 2009
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With around 72 attendees, the APC Technology Roadshow for resellers was held today in Auckland, with an opening focused on the Datapod, which is a new containerised data center solution. Unlike most data centers, the system is contained and prefabricated which allows it to be put together in hours rather than days or weeks. The concept of a containerised data center has been in the works for more than two years by the company, but it is not a world first. The company claims that it is the first to offer a complete range inclusive of all necessary site infrastructure and services. The Datapod is available in New Zealand and is supported by APC's local team. And Scott Carr, Managing Director of Datapod, said that in the future the custom-built and scalable Datapods would be delivered within six weeks of ordering. Carr addressed the modern needs of data centers and said that Datapod tried to balance the facilities needs with the IT needs. “It [facilities] hasn’t really been a problem until recently where we started to run out of power or space or cooling or all three,” Carr said. APC said the infrastructure data center market in New Zealand is currently around $200 million and will continue growing. The roadshow consisted of other speakers from APC New Zealand presenting on a range of topics including power and cooling, security, UPSs and creating more efficient data centers. Attendees went into a draw to win an iPhone at the end of the event.