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Arcanum AI forms strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

New Zealand-based Arcanum AI, a specialist in AI and automation, has announced a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The central purpose of the collaboration is to leverage Arcanum AI's generative AI-powered services built on AWS to drive workplace productivity and automate back-office operations across small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and larger enterprises.

The SCA is a crucial step for Arcanum AI towards its expansion beyond the Australian and New Zealand markets. The agreement supports the company's goal to establish offices in the United States by 2024 and double its business size within the following 12 months.

Arcanum AI plans to use the collaboration to significantly boost the adoption of AI, particularly generative AI, in various sectors. The company is particularly focusing on aiding underserved SMBs in the hospitality, construction, manufacturing, and financial services sectors, many of which currently have limited or no access to the latest technologies due to a lack of skills or technical knowledge.

By integrating AWS AI and machine learning services such as Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and Amazon Textract into their no-code offerings, Arcanum AI aims to create a simple, user-centred solution that enables customers to seamlessly incorporate AI into their existing operations.

These integrations aim to help SMBs, especially those lacking significant in-house AI capabilities, develop advanced solutions without the need for coding or complex manual integration.

According to Asa Cox, CEO of Arcanum AI, the Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS not only deepens their cooperation but testifies their pioneering vision of supporting customers with AI adoption.

"By leveraging the broadest and deepest set of AWS services and tapping on AWS's world-leading global infrastructure, we're one step closer to expanding our footprint internationally and making AI, generative AI, and ML technologies more accessible to our customers and support their growth," said Cox.

Within the scope of the SCA, AWS will also be supporting Arcanum AI's ambitious project of expanding its team of in-house developed AI assistants. Currently, these assistants help automate financial backend operations and assist with customer support, thereby significantly contributing to productivity.

In the future, Arcanum AI seeks to extend this range of assistants to include new areas like sustainability, sales, and human resources.

Nick Roberts, Arcanum AI customer and CEO of recruitment specialist firm Momentum Consulting New Zealand, said that Archie, one of Arcanum AI's AI assistants, had significantly improved their offerings and operational capacity.

"We want to lead the way for others in the industry and are delighted that Arcanum AI is collaborating with AWS, and look forward to deepening AI innovation with the industry leaders," he said.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Bloomquist, New Zealand Country Manager, Commercial Sales at AWS, expressed her pride in collaborating with Arcanum AI. She said that AWS is committed to making AI and ML more accessible to all organisations and was delighted to support Arcanum AI's accelerated AI innovation, thereby helping customers address real-world industry needs.