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Are PCs dead? HP says no

06 Jun 2013

Following Microsoft's recent claims that the PC is not dead, HP agrees, believing its demise has been "greatly exaggerated."

As the industry debate continues over the lifespan of the device, the PC manufacturer thinks notions of a its demise are premature.

"Rumours of the demise of the desktop PC are greatly exaggerated," says Greg Morris, category manager for printing and personal Systems, HP.

"The desktop PC will remain the content creation device of the future."

Morris' claims back up Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Corporate Communications Frank X. Shaw, who argued the PC is still relevant in today’s changing market.

“I actually think the PC is alive and well and thriving, it just comes in tons of different form factors,” Shaw said.

Referring to the rise of BYOD in the workplace, Morris believes desktop sales will continue to hold its own within a market now flooded with tablets and smartphones.

"BYOD is just a segment of the workfoce largely mobile," he says.

"There is a big segment that is desk-bound. The commercial desktop will not go away."

Claiming that "no one ever left their desktop in the back of a taxi cab", Morris' opinions differ to that of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who believes we are now living in a "post-PC era."

“The innovation [of the PC market] has moved to tablets and smartphones," Cook said in February.

“Look at the app economy and the PC market of today.

"The money is flowing to two or three people and you don’t see too many people doing apps for PCs.

“I think the tablet market will be huge, it’s a huge opportunity for Apple.

"It’s one of those areas that show software, hardware and services being integrated and creating a jaw dropping experience.”

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