18 Oct 2013
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Aruba Networks reveals next-gen cloud Wi-Fi solution

Aruba Networks has revealed a new cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution that combines the simplicity of a cloud service with the performance, manageability and reliability of enterprise-grade Wireless LANs (WLANs).

Merging the new Aruba Central cloud-based management service with Aruba Instant access points (APs), the company says the new Wi-Fi solution meets the requirements of diverse, distributed organisations and mid-sized networks.

Offering 10x faster Wi-Fi speeds than competitive solutions and all the features of a traditional enterprise-class WLAN, Aruba’s cloud Wi-Fi solution allows branches to benefit from the ease of cloud management without the usual compromises.

In addition, Aruba is expanding its switching portfolio with the new Aruba S1500 Mobility Access Switch, optimised for cloud Wi-Fi and designed for both large, distributed enterprises and smaller locations.

“With the increasing affinity of enterprise IT towards cloud-based applications and services, it’s no surprise that cloud-managed Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly popular solution for a wide range of organisations, especially the distributed enterprise,” says Rohit Mehra, VP Network Infrastructure, IDC.

“Cloud Wi-Fi can deliver greater ease of use and automation to strapped IT departments and keep costs low for the enterprise.

"That said, organisations don’t want to sacrifice the robustness, performance and reliability of traditional wireless networks.

"With its new Cloud Wi-Fi offering, Aruba is marrying traditional Wi-Fi networking with the benefits of a Cloud-based solution, and should be able to capitalise on this growing Cloud market.”

Unlike previous generations of cloud solutions, the Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution doesn’t sacrifice critical enterprise capabilities such as performance, resiliency and flexibility for simplified, cloud-hosted management.

With Aruba’s solution, organisations get up to10x faster Wi-Fi connections than competitive cloud Wi-Fi solutions, guaranteed wired and cellular uplink failover options, 100% survivability in the event of a WAN link failure, and the choice of cloud subscription or on-premise management.

In addition, Aruba offers the only WLAN that extends from corporate to branch and home, with asingle architecture and single point of policy and management.

This eliminates the architecture dilemma faced by many organisations with central sites and remote locations that are struggling to find a way to manage their branches and remote workers as a seamless part of their organization.

Aruba’s enterprise-grade cloud Wi-Fi solution offers an ideal, distributed architecture that links into an enterprise’s central management and policy infrastructure.

For more information about how Aruba Networks is expanding its partner reach in New Zealand click here

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